‘Time & Tide’ – Kate Gritton & Frances Bristow

Exhibition ran from 13 Jun 2023 – 25 Jun 2023
Open evening: 17 Jun, 4 - 6 pm 

‘Time and Tide’

Kate Gritton, painter and Frances Bristow, sculptor have come together to produce this exhibition.
The paintings evolved over almost two years, during which each piece underwent a metamorphosis. Constant layering and overpainting echo the erosion and sedimentation that is the result of tidal flow, evoking memory and inviting renewal.

The metal sculptures reflect the present but they also adapt and change. Left out in the rain and in all seasons, surfaces have become pitted, changed colour and flaked with rust. Flakes will fall off and continue the journey into earth and so become one with the surroundings.


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