Bruce Williams: Portraits & Landscapes

Exhibition ran from 27 Jun 2023 – 9 Jul 2023
Open evening: 30 Jun, 6 - 8pm 

Bruce Williams

Portraits & Landscapes

When working, I look and hope for chance to take place. When I say chance, I mean something completely new, something that has caught me off guard, and something I couldn’t have prepared for.
This means that I have to radically change and destroy the painting until it speaks to me. In other words, something is telling me what to do. Using this approach, the painting can come together in a few seconds, which is very exciting; more truthful. One could say that this is a difficult path to take. It’s all a question of getting away from being premeditative but trying to keep it fresh and spontaneous.
It seems that many things in life can be controlled with step by step preparation. Painting for me is partly that, although I do fight this process. Certainly you need a good composition: structure, shape, volume etc; however an element of chance with very little premeditation is what I hope for.
With this comes a feeling of euphoria. However this feeling is soon spent and very soon I feel compelled to push myself onto the next piece of work.


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