New Ancient Tales – Mark Shepherd, Wendy Newell & Dan Dunton

11 Jun – 23 Jun
Open evening: 14 Jun, 6 - 8pm 

New Ancient Tales

Dan Dunton, Wendy Newell and Mark Shepherd

Dan Dunton
For a long time, I have been fascinated by collapse and decay.
Walking to work every day in 1951 London, I passed acres of bombed-out homes, shops and warehouses, by this time overgrown with weeds and young trees. I remember, up high, a bedroom, two walls gone, a chair hanging by a thread, a broken mirror, and grey shredded rags hanging where there was once a window.
The idea for this recent work came from, on the one hand Sir John Sloane’s house/museum in Lincoln’s Inn where he cobbled together his vast collection of architectural fragments, and on the other hand from the Roman city of Palmyra in modern-day Syria, ravaged by thousands of years of weather and looting and more recently being blown up by the Taliban.
The pieces are built up from wood and plaster. I like to think that the mirror also makes them useful.
The prints follow the same themes. They are ‘cut-and-paste’ collages made from old, found photographs and architectural drawings.

New Ancient Tales
Wendy Newell
Inspired by Roman gladiators and their extraordinary and individual helmets, I have created my own small army. Mine, however, are knitted with wool from the Shetland Isles. I call them ‘soft armour’.
The small figures are made with a steel wire armature and built up with papier maché, then painted. The starting point for these is a love of myths, legends and folk tales. On my regular visits to the British Museum, the small artefact Greek sculptures have been a constant inspiration, as was a wonderful trip to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.
Recently, I have been making flying figures – Mr and Mrs Chagall on their wedding day! – and acrobatic circus characters. During the process of making, they seem to develop their own personalities which often take me by surprise.


Mark Shepherd


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