Wendy Smith

Exhibition ran from 12 Jul 2016 – 24 Jul 2016
Open evening: 16 Jul, 5 - 7pm 

Current paintings reflect experiences, memories and journeys. The colours within each painting have an emotional attachment and response to a situation or subject, striving to capture something spontaneous about the atmosphere and mood of a place or scenario. Compositionally, all the elements within the painting come together, almost stitched together as collections or groups of elements. Each prop, shape or colour balancing and supporting the next layer. Some areas are completely obscured by these layers and either pushed into the background or brought to the foreground.

The paintings are a reflection, combining memory and everyday ‘happenings’ and occurrences,  dressed up with the vibrancy of colour and the expression of emotion. The main focus is dealing with the sense of place and the physicality of that place, whether landscape or seascape. Before starting, I draw intensively at the site, the sketches are often detailed and repetitive; some of this detail is then transferred as drawing onto the canvas. The colours reflect and echo the scene but narrowed down to the most essential elements. Indian textiles and vibrant Eastern colour palette have previously influenced the paintings, creating a surface that is sumptuous and inviting.

Painting on linen and hessian, adds another dimension and rawness to these works and contrasts with the richness of colour and partly glossed surface finish. Each work develops its own identity and personality, to reflect the narrative or event that initially inspired the subject within the painting.

November 2015

Wendy Smith’s website www.wendysmith.co.uk



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