Plastic Confetti

Paul Sayers and Helen Savage show paintings in response to increasing concerns around micro-plastics (Plastic Confetti) permeating the natural environment.

Paul Sayers paintings of one-use plastics are seductive, reflecting and refracting light, these forms both integrate and disintegrate within the water they contain. They delight in the smallest consumer label detail, whilst treating the overall forms at scale. The paintings attempt to pull the viewer inside these ubiquitous consumer items to ask us why we are producing such waste that ends up in the sea. Why do we feel the need to consume ‘special’ water and are we seduced by the physicality of the containers?

Helen Savage examines tideline collections of plastics entwined with organic forms. Through her painting process these collections morph into new hybrid forms, part organic, part plastic. Evoking how micro-plastics, nurdles and bio-beads – degraded plastic pollutants are found in our drinking water, seas, rivers and marine life, along the tideline and within our bodies – accumulating in our blood and organs.


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