Photopia – International Photographic Exhibition Summer 2024

23 Jul – 4 Aug
Open evening: 26 Jul, 6 - 8pm 

Photopia – International Photographic Exhibition Summer 2024
23 July – 4 Aug

‘Living Light’ …
“As photographers, we are constantly in pursuit of the perfect light, knowing that it has the power to illuminate even the simplest of subjects. Our challenge is to capture images that not only reflect this wonder but also expand upon it.

The exhibition celebrates the living light, internationally uniting a diverse group of inspiring and thought-provoking artists. Through their work, they seek to convey a depth of emotion and meaning that transcends language. For these artists, vision, imagery, and space serve as their most potent forms of expression.

The allure of light lies in its ability to heighten our senses and reveal the world in its truest form: vibrant colours, fluid motion, and radiant brilliance. Its profound impact on our physical and emotional well-being shapes our very existence. May light shine upon us, infusing our lives with joy, happiness, and genuine purpose.”

Chris Coombes, Founder.
Exhibiting Artists:
Andrii BULAVKA, Ningxin Zhang 张宁馨, Ainur Sakisheva, Grizel Ubarry, David A Steele,
Hannah Eve Osinoff, Lloyd Thomas, Ann Chown, Marybeth Haas, Kirsten Iles, Ian O’Leary,
Rod Morris, Natali Agryzkova, Padma Kalraiya, Maksym Romenskyi, Lottie Turner, Gregory Heath, Vivien Oldfield, Sophie De-Roe, Agness Clark, Willow Shaw, Iryna Kabysh, John Fullerton, Jon Allen, Yvonne Lloyd, Imogen Bloor, Heatherli A, Jill White, Frank Francis, Justine Devenney,
Savchuk Oleksandr (Savka), J Nash, Daria Balova, Li Biletska.



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