Agness Clark and Dan Percy: Balance in Opposition

Exhibition ran from 1 Nov 2022 – 13 Nov 2022
Open evening: 4 Nov, 6 - 8pm 

Meet the Artists Sunday: 6th November 2pm to 4pm

Agness Clark

The work presented here explores the inner conversation between my two big passions: photography and painting. I love experimenting with different surfaces and textures. I use thick layers of paint, texturing pastes, carbon paper, sawdust, and other materials. In a few prints presented here, I digitally combine elements of photography and pictures of my paintings to give the pieces distinguished three-dimensional visual effect. I love working with rich, vibrant colours, overlapping layers and textures. Sometimes my compositions may appear chaotic and garish, occasionally dark and distressing.

The project presented here reflects my personal moments and their direct correlation to every day emotional experiences. As such my art is spontaneous, intuitive and allows me almost unlimited freedom of creative expression. I want to stimulate the viewer to reach their own conclusions about what the symbolism of my work may represent.

Dan Percy

The inspiration for this work came while confined to home during the first lockdown and noticing patterns of light and shadow created by objects and plants in my flat that I just hadn’t seen before. This show develops that idea by deliberately placing acrylic and lucite objects to create patterns of light and shadow from natural light. The aim is to find a balance between what is curated and what occurs by chance.

Dan has been a keen amateur photographer for a number of years initially drawn to abstract patterns in architecture and the urban environment. Time spent in a darkroom started an exploration of making rayographs and manipulating photographic prints taking inspiration from Dora Maar and Man Ray. Dan is not motivated to capture a perfect scene but to create an image and experiment until he finds what he likes. Having recently moved to St Leonards-on-Sea Dan has found a supportive and encouraging creative community that has allowed him to consider himself an artist. This is Dan’s first exhibition.



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